While doing a bit of usual checking in and updating of my mac in the app store 2 weeks ago, I stumbled on a little app called "Magnet" that promised me some easier window management.  Well, holy heck did it ever deliver!Magnet OSX App SettingsThis little app moves your active window to specific x-y coordinates on your mac screen with a quick keyboard shortcut!   It does everything in %,  and uses  25%, 50% or full screen to divy up your screen.  You can't customize the sizes or introduce more layouts,  it essentially just does 4 quarters, 2 halves or full screen, but it's shown itself super useful so far!

Even if you don't use keyboard shortcuts, there's a little menu bar icon that let's you select where you'd like your window to go as well.  It's well worth the  $2.79 Canadian!

You can download it here!