Earlier this year in the summer I had a great idea for a new iPhone app, just after apple announced iOS 8.  After deciding if want to make my own app and getting the apple developer account and buying an e-book to get me started, I realized there would be a lot of things to do.

To speed things up and try and have my app out around the same time iOS 8 was going to be released, I decided I'd leverage some extra help.  While I used @fancyhands to help do research and find things out, I leveraged Fiverr to actually get some other tasks done.

The biggest and most successful piece was needed extra help coding my app.  I'd looked online for freelancers but too many people either wanted to do a revenue sharing deal or barter services - both okay options , nothing against them, but this time I really just wanted someone to help me, and not owe them anything else.  Freelancer.com had a bunch of freelancers bid to a rediculous price range from $100-$3000 to build my little utility.

Feeling frustrated, I looked at fiverr's technology area and found @luvieere.  He offered 30 mins of coding for $5.  After a bit of back and forth - we got started.  Working with @luvieere was like a dream come true.  Through Fiverr, I found a developer who helped create the best infographic making app for last.fm users.  The app logs you in and uses all your personal playback statistics (officially called scrobbles)  to create a beautiful infographic.

@luvieere worked back and forth with me in adding features and even a bug fix 2 weeks after launch after getting some feedback from users.

Document I used to share instructions / requested functionality for Lasttrax

Document I used to share instructions / requested functionality for Lasttrax

As the app was nearly complete - I realized I needed help in a couple other areas of expertise :

  1. Writing PR releases
  2. Distributing said PR release
  3. Seo optimization for my app website (www.lasttraxapp.com)
  4. Social advertising to large base of followers

With the power of Fiverr, I found someone for each of these tasks that helped get the job done nice and quickly.

What's best, they let me really focus on the tasks I really wanted to work on - designing and building the app.  Not the boring or tedious seeming tasks that wouldn't help improve my growth.

If you're an just a single person with lots of ambitions, the power of fiverr can really help get your ideas moving fast at little cost to you.

To close,  here are my top 3 recommendations to get the most out of your work with someone on fiverr:

    1. Invest in a good markup tool that lets you visually communicate your thoughts up-front so there are no surprises on either end (I used Napkin for OS X)


    1. There's a great deal of gig providers, take a quick look at their feedback - I found it to be all pretty accurate and no surprises!


  1. Don't forget the time it would take you to do the task - if a gig doer asks for another $5 for the change request or for another enhancement, it's likely still totally worth it.