Creating a new Visual Identity System for one of Canada's leading entertainment companies.






Creative Director, Art Direction

In 2015, Cineplex sought help from an outside agency to update and modernize its brand. After an initial review of options, Cineplex decided to re-assign the creation of a new visual identity system to its in-house design team. With our fundamental understanding of the organization, along with its complex companies and lines of business, I directed all of the design and various designers on different mediums and we completed the rebrand and implemented it in our theatres over the course of 2016.



Re-inventing the visual identity system of the Cineplex brand and its sub-brands meant that we needed to consider the colour schemes appearing in our lobbies and our theatres. We selected bright colours, since they are more consumer-friendly and modern than darker ones.


Together, various new pairs create the flexibility to keep fresh colour pallettes while always keeping 1 primary within the group.

Design system & grid

When several posters are placed for advertising in theatres, they need  to start resembling each other as being part of  a master brand, instead of each piece standing out on its  own.  Keeping the vertical height of the gold dividing line, and location of our logo was paramount for consistency.

Communication Framework

We had several frameworks to build to make this rebrand work - the proper labelling and organization of the logos/brands/businesses themselves so there was a clear picture as to which business was related to which, along with a communications framework so that it was clear which  communication component should be present on art at various stages of communication.  An ad / promotion should be different than an “escalator is out of service” message.