Lasttrax was the perfect way to visualize your music on the go.


Personal Side Project


Branding, Development, Design


Creative Director, Designer, Coder

I was an avid user of the app for tracking my musical tastes and playback history. When iOS 8 was released, the possibility of apps communicating with each other was introduced. Since we live in an era where everyone shares everything on social media, I wondered how I could simplify the process of sharing the music I listened to on I created the LASTTRAX app, which offered users a way of sharing a music infographic based on their playback history. Over the course a year, I sold many copies of the successful app around the world through the iOS App Store.



I designed everything for this project myself, including the brand, the app, the website, and all the iOS App Store graphics. Modern patterns and clean shades of red and white became the base of the app’s design.


Since this was my first time creating an app for the iOS App Store, the project offered the opportunity for learning about app icons and the ways in which iOS elements need to be prepared for compatibility with xCode. I used Sketch for macOS to lay out all the interfaces before programming them the functionality.


The Website

I hand-coded the landing page using HTML/CSS that was designed to be responsive given the various sized iOS device visits I anticipated.