Design overhaul of a quick serve concept because no one should ever be hungry during a movie.






Creative Director, Designer

In 2013, Cineplex sought a rebrand of Outtakes, it’s hot food brand found in some select theatres across the country. The goal was to modernize the sub-brand ahead of the company’s expansion to over 80 locations across Canada. I helped explore different ways of making hot food appealing to customers, in a setting not typically associated with the consumption of hot food. The process started with new logo, and continued to packaging, advertising and other customer touch-points. In the logos below, the bridge in the "TT"s is made to resemble a flame representing hot food.



At a time where we were trying to change our food perceptions, focus on new food photography that showcased the ingredients and flavour profiles became key.  I helped by art directing the following that became the foundation of the new look and feel, especially in menu formats.


Once the brand was created and started appearing in theatres, a simple, and clean promotional campaign was created that featured key menu offerings in full focus with a nod to movies in terms of movie quote headlines.